A tale on me written by me

I am Nikkhiel Seath, a.k.a SNikhill, a Software Engineer from Punjab, India, who loves to contribute to Open Source, tinker with Linux and read about Finance and Personal Development. I am also a Gastronome and, hence you may occasionally find me trying out something new to eat.

Presently, I am a Software Engineer at AgUnity engineering solutions for the last mile farmers.

I caught the programming bug early on in school and, soon, it turned into a hobby. Later I joined a school club where I crafted web applications enabling e-education along with a group of engineers passionate about learning like me.

Over the past four years, I have crafted applications for FinTech and Education industry. I have gained enough sophistication to learn and practise deliberately to solve real-life problems and create applications as effectively as possible.

I become better with every problem I face. Be it my team building, communication skills or programming knowledge I, am always learning.

A Forever Learner

Nikkhiel Seath